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Watch 2005 - Fun With Dick And Jane

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Watch 2005 - Fun with Dick and Jane

Fun with Dick and Jane is the 2005 American criminal comedy remake of Fun with Dick and Jane (1977) starring Jim Carrey, Téa Leoni, Alec Baldwin and Richard Jenkins. Despite receiving mostly negative reviews from critics, the movie did well at the box office making a worldwide total of $202 million, a weekend grossing only $30,383,515, but was able to eventually make eight times its opening weekend gross during the holiday season.

The first full weekend of 2006 brings us three wide releases, two of which were not screened for critics. The only film that is being reviewed is the latest sadistic horror film from Lionsgate. But while the overall box office will suffer, there is quite a race for top spot brewing, with three films having a legitimate shot at winning the box office crown. More...Final Weekend in Poor 2005 Shows Some LifeJanuary 3rd, 2006

Christmas wishes went unanswered this year as almost every film missed expectations, some by large margins. This led to a 14.4% drop-off from last weekend, but more importantly, a 18.0% drop-off from last year. Granted, the fact that Christmas fell on a Saturday helps explain some of that, but not all. Year-to-date, 2005 is still down 6% from last year and with less than one week left, that's roughly where it will end up. More...Movie Website Updates for December 16 - December 22December 22nd, 2005

Over the next five days a total of eight movies will either open wide or expand wide. With that much competition, there is literally zero chance that all the films will succeed. In fact, chances are none will be able to unseat King Kong as the box office champ. Further complicating the prediction process, there are three groups of releases with two movies opening wide tonight, three more on Friday and three on Sunday. This column will deal with all of them. More...2005 Preview: DecemberDecember 1st, 2005

You know those films that you watched years ago and have vague memories of enjoying? The ones that if asked about you might say, "Yeah, I quite liked that.", despite time robbing you of any real specifics of what went on in the film? For me, this is one of those films. I know I enjoyed my time having fun with Téa and Jim, but enough time has passed for me to forget exactly why.

A remake of the 1977 film with George Segal and Jane Fonda, 2005's Fun With Dick & Jane is a humourless attempt at a comedy with the mismatched Jim Carrey and Tea Leoni as the couple, Dick & Jane, the film's problems are exacerbated by the fact that the so-called uneven tone and feel is not a good fit for Carrey's wacky and colourful brand of comedy.

Dick Harper's years of hard work finally pay off when he is promoted to vice president at Globodyne, a worldwide leader in the consolidation of media properties. But, after exactly one day in his new job, Globodyne is destroyed by an Enron-like calamity -- and he is left holding the bag. Dick's sudden reversal of fortune has left him little time to set money aside for a rainy day. Now, it's raining buckets. Dick and his loving wife Jane watch in horror as their deluxe suburban home, their luxury cars and their status-conscious friends quickly vanish into thin air. After playing by the rules and working single-mindedly to build a comfortable life for his family, Dick is utterly unprepared to give up the American dream. Taking a lesson from his corrupt employer, however, Dick hits on a brilliant idea: If stealing was good enough for his boss, then it's good enough for him. Armed with this new perspective, he and Jane exact hilarious revenge and teach big business a lesson.

I didn't find the 1977 version of "Fun With Dick and Jane" all that memorable, and this remake is about on a par with the original. Those who go for Jim Carrey's brand of humor will probably like it, and in a few instances I have to admit, his antics did make me chuckle. Most notable was that scene where he was dressed all in black with a mask and going bonkers on Jack McCallister (Alec Baldwin). His gyrations were just so goofy you had to laugh. Pairing him up with Téa Leoni wasn't a bad idea as their chemistry for this kind of picture worked. That makeup job when her face got distorted was kind of hideous though, I'm surprised she agreed to the mutilation. The story seems to be a back handed homage of sorts to all the corporate executives who mined their companies for all they were worth before the final nail was drilled into their coffins. Take note of the screen crawl just before the credits roll and you'll see what I mean.When I first watched and reviewed the earlier picture with George Segal and Jane Fonda in the lead roles, I made mention of the fact that the movie's captioning X'ed out the name 'Dick' whenever it was uttered on screen, obviously to draw attention away from it's inelegant description of a part of the male anatomy. Since anything goes today in movies and TV, no such censorship took place with this film, but that effort in the first place only drew more awareness to it in my estimation. And once again, I couldn't help thinking of a married couple that are friends of mine with the names Dick and Jane, who I kept envisioning through all the nonsense and shenanigans that Carrey and Leoni went through to get their revenge on the head of Globodyne. Fortunately, they never robbed so much as a gas station.

Fun with Dick and Jane is a remake of the 1977 film starring Jane Fonda and George Segal. After the failure of companies such as Enron in the new millennium this remake starring Jim Carrey and Tea Leoni was intended to be satire with Carrey's broad comedy.As a satire its passable with Alec Baldwin playing the Chief Executive who ransacks his corporation and leaves his employees in the dirt. As a comedy it does not really work and never raised a smile with me.Carrey's Dick is VP of Globodyne Corporation, he and his wife both have a good job, a BMW, a prestigious house and living the American dream with an upper class lifestyle. It all goes horribly wrong when his firm goes under.Dick cannot find another executive job and both have them to look for more menial jobs before having lost their savings and household appliances they are forced to commit robbery before Carrey decided to turn on his former boss.As a remake this does not hold a candle to the original. Leoni brings nothing to the table and its left to Carrey to keep the movie being watchable but the satire lacks edge, the comedy is weak and the movie is rather mundane.

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In Fun with Dick and Jane (2005), Dick Harper (Jim Carrey) worked as the Vice President of Communications Globodyne Corporation and ensured his wife, Jane (Téa Leoni), that she no longer needed to work as a travel agent. As Dick adjusted to his new position, he didn't hold on to it for too long when he was informed that Globodyne had declared bankruptcy and lost all the employees' pensions and savings.

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