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Solar Outhouse


"A Yäshav' Solar Outhouse is the perfect solution for our off-grid camp!"

Excreta Tanks (bottomless & insulated), and now lined inside and out with aluminum.


Yäshav' Solar Outhouses eliminate odor in three ways:

  • First, and most important, is urine separation in the main hopper, and a urinal mounted on the wall; both piped into a short leach field.

  • Second, a 24/7 solar powered vent fan. The vent fan system is designed to also create a downdraft through the main hopper urine diverter and the urinal eliminating all odor within the shed.

  • Third, our patented passive solar heater. The heater is thermostatically controlled coming on at 100ºF and off at 85ºF. The airflow is powered by a solar-powered electric fan. This unit takes in no outside air, it circulates warm air over the poo pile, on a continuous loop, which breaks the wet film and helps eliminate all odor inside and outside of the shed. The idea is, dry poo is odorless poo.  There is no need for lime, peat moss, sawdust, or any other absorbent material.



Toilet seat, urine diverter, and urinal

Yäshav' Solar Outhouses do not use water, except for misting the urine separator and urinal before and after each use with a biodegradable cleaner, making them much more environmentally compatible than waste[ful] water septic systems.

Clean out of the Yäshav' Solar Outhouse is very easy, and may not be necessary for many years depending on the frequency of use and number of users. It only takes a short time and can be accomplished with one or two people. Simply tie back urine pipe and slide the outhouse back onto a ramp (not included) attached in the back. Then, shovel out wastes into a vented container with cover, one or more as needed. Set aside to allow for continued processing. Once fully processed, it is safe to dump onto your property, in a location of your choice. 

Because of our patented solar heater, the excreta to be removed becomes crumbly dry material with no offensive odor. 

Clean Out Picks


Yäshav' Solar Outhouses boasts and elegant New England look with a spacious 4'x4' three-piece design, ship-lap construction, square pitch roof, and cedar shingles. 

Environmentally friendly, the Yäshav' Solar Outhouse by Fort Hope Trading Co. is designed for easy transportation and comes in three pieces: shed, roof, and excreta pit tank. 

L to R: Battery, Heater Pipes, Urine Diverter, and Vent Fan
See Solar Panel and Solar Heater



Yäshav' Solar Outhouses controls the lighting using an LED strategically positioned light which allows lighting within the shed, without being able to see down the hole. We use a custom-built adjustable blind on the window so that you can control the level of daylight entering the shed.

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