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Deejay V12 Software

Deejay V12 Software: The Ultimate DJ Software for Mac and Windows

Do you love DJing and want to take your skills to the next level? Do you want to mix and remix any song in real-time, control the software with professional turntables and mixers, and connect your DJ gear with ease? If you answered yes, then you need to check out Deejay V12 Software.

deejay v12 software


Deejay V12 Software is a DJ software that is based on the award-winning djay software by Algoriddim, which has been praised by Apple, Google, and DJ Mag as one of the best DJ apps in the market. Deejay V12 Software takes djay to the next level, by adding more features, more effects, more controllers, and more possibilities.

What is Deejay V12 Software?

Deejay V12 Software is a DJ software that provides everything you need to become a DJ. You can access millions of tracks from your music library or streaming services like Spotify, SoundCloud, Tidal, and more. You can perform live, record mixes on-the-go, or enable Automix mode. You can also use up to 4 decks, cue points, looping, desktop-class effects, and more.

Some of the features that make Deejay V12 Software stand out are:

  • Real-Time Music Source Separation: Deejay V12 Software uses Algoriddim's revolutionary Neural Mix technology to isolate beats, instruments, and vocals of any song in real-time. You can remix any track on the fly, create mashups, acapellas, instrumentals, and more.

  • Digital Vinyl Control: Deejay V12 Software introduces the world's first AI DVS system, which allows you to control the software with professional turntables and mixers. You can use your iOS device as the brains of the DJ booth, and enjoy the feel of vinyl with the power of AI.

  • Connect Your DJ Gear: Deejay V12 Software has native support for over 50 DJ controllers and DJ mixers from leading brands like Pioneer, Numark, Reloop, Denon, and more. You can plug and play with any device, and customize your mappings to suit your preferences.

Why Choose Deejay V12 Software?

Deejay V12 Software is a DJ software that will take your DJing skills to the next level. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you will find something to love about this software. Here are some of the benefits of choosing Deejay V12 Software:

  • Easy to Use: Deejay V12 Software has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate and use. You can drag and drop tracks from your library or streaming services onto the decks, adjust the tempo and pitch, apply effects, and start mixing.

  • Versatile: Deejay V12 Software can handle any music genre, any mixing style, and any DJ controller. You can mix hip hop, EDM, rock, pop, or any other genre you like. You can scratch, crossfade, beatmatch, or sync tracks automatically. You can use your keyboard and mouse, touch screen, or any compatible DJ controller.

  • Creative: Deejay V12 Software lets you unleash your creativity and express yourself as a DJ. You can remix any song in real-time using Neural Mix technology. You can create your own loops and samples using the built-in sampler. You can add your own voice or sound effects using the microphone input.

How to Get Deejay V12 Software?

If you are interested in getting Deejay V12 Software for your Mac or Windows computer, or your iOS device, you c481cea774


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