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Penobscott River Trade Route

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[S11E1] Out Of The Darkness, Into The Fire

Leah then brings the information that Daryl had given her to Pope, suggesting that Daryl could be a good addition to the Reapers since they need the manpower with Turner dead and Nicholls and Montanio still missing. However, Pope is furious that they had to lose a day since Leah wanted to go on a fishing expedition with an old boyfriend. Leah insists that Daryl could be useful and that he's a lot like them, but Pope is doubtful. After Leah states that she has chosen the Reapers over anything that she might've had with Daryl in the past and that Daryl can be trusted, Pope decides to see for himself. However, after Leah sends Carver, Bossie and Wells out, they lock her and Daryl in and set the cabin on fire. Daryl manages to break a window and he and Leah escape outside where they find Pope and the rest of the Reapers watching them. The fire having been a test, Pope and the Reapers welcome Daryl into the fold.

[S11E1] Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire


As the herd approaches the wall, Pope has Ancheta ready the hwacha which will be able to eliminate most of the walkers, leaving the Reapers able to eliminate the rest. While alone together, Daryl reveals his true allegiance to Leah Shaw and attempts to convince her to help him before they are interrupted by the arrival of Pope and Ancheta. Before the hwacha can be fired, Maggie hotwires a truck parked in the garage and rams it through the gate, allowing her friends and the herd in. Deaver attacks a fleeing Maggie, but Gabriel kills him with his sniper rifle and forces a couple of other Reapers to retreat. As the Reapers fight off the walkers, Pope orders the hwacha fired into the courtyard regardless of the fact that his people are still down there. With Pope refusing to listen to reason or call the Reapers back before firing, Leah joins Daryl in attacking, killing Pope herself while Daryl kills Ancheta and cuts the fuse to the hwacha. 041b061a72


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