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Three Thousand Years ...(2022)

Three Thousand Years of Longing is a 2022 fantasy romantic drama film directed and produced by George Miller. Written by Miller and Augusta Gore, it is based on the short story "The Djinn in the Nightingale's Eye" by A. S. Byatt and stars Idris Elba as a djinn who is unleashed from a bottle by a professor (Tilda Swinton) and tells her stories from his thousands of years of existence. The film is dedicated to Miller's mother Angela, as well as Rena Mitchell, relative of producer Doug Mitchell.

Three Thousand Years ...(2022)

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Three years later, Alithea has written a book containing all the stories that the Djinn told her, like she once did with her childhood imaginary friend. Though expecting never to see him again, the now-healthy Djinn visits Alithea three years later and periodically returns throughout her lifetime.

Happy Valentine's week, everyone. Whether or not you are a cynic about that sort of schmaltz we have something wonderful for you - the music of the films of George Miller, including the debut physical release of the soundtrack to his latest, criminally underseen romantic fantasy THREE THOUSAND YEARS OF LONGING, as well as a much-requested restocking of the 2015 masterpiece MAD MAX FURY ROAD ... both by the incredible Tom Holkenborg. We also have a ton of vinyl on our site for the tragically endangered genre of the Romantic Comedy, including our special expanded version of SAY ANYTHING, Emile Mosseri's score to another underseen gem KAJILLIONAIRE, and so many more classics (including but not limited to YOU'VE GOT MAIL and MY BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING) in our distributed titles section. As always, all re-stocks and new releases go on sale on Wednesday at 12PM CT on NEW RELEASE:THREE THOUSAND YEARS OF LONGING - ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK LP Mondo, in partnership with Milan Records, are proud to present the premiere physical release of Tom Holkenborg's masterful score to George Miller's tragically underseen 2022 romantic fantasy epic THREE THOUSAND YEARS OF LONGING. The story of a writing scholar, who has found comfort in stories to cope with loss, colliding with a several thousand years old Djinn who has had their heart broken over and over again since time immemorial - a beautiful slow-burn romance about the devastation of heartbreak and being open to finding love again. A brilliant original film by one of our greatest living story-tellers, that just so happens to feature the greatest score of its composer's career. We remember when we were introduced to the work of Tom Holkenborg - on his game-changing score to George Miller's previous film MAD MAX FURY ROAD. He had been working in the Zimmer camp for a few years by then, and had attracted the eye of Zack Snyder and a few other filmmakers, but what seemed like a reliable and talented composer for action and adventure films has slowly morphed into a jack of all trades. His wide array of talents are never more fully on display than in this delicate, dynamic and tender score to one of 2022's most overlooked films. His theme "Song of Transference," which recurs and handful of times throughout the score is one of the most beautiful melodies set to film last year.Featuring package design by Mondo's senior creative director Mo Shafeek, and pressed on 140 Gram Blue and White cornetto colored vinyl, meant to emulate the bottle that houses the Djinn, we hope this limited edition release is spot-light enough to get a few more eyes and ears on a deserving film that may find itself lost to time itself. THREE THOUSAND YEARS OF LONGING - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP. Music by Tom Holkenborg. Package design by Mo Shafeek. Pressed on 140g Blue and White Cornetto vinyl. Also available on Black. $32 041b061a72


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