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Sudarshan Kriya So Hum Audiomp3: A Guided Audio Track by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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Art Of Living Sudarshan Kriya So Hum Audiomp3

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What is the URL of the site where I can download the Sudarshan Kriya. I attended a preview where the instructor said that not everybody is blessed to get this knowledge - only a few fortunate ones can get to do the sudarshan kriya. Since I dont want to pay SG$300 to attend the course and I am still curious about the technique, would appreciate if you wil post the URL.Thanks

To all the drones who in this threat keeps referring, to so called scientific research of the Kriya. My dear friends ask any scientist this research is all fraud. I have experienced even the most true-believer scientists in the Art of living being secretly in pain because of the lack of scientific standard in the research.I myself for many years believed that the Kriya was a miracle tool that could help against everything. That even though my own psychological and physical state kept deteriorating. Like all other full time teachers, the longer time I was in the movement the more my over all health deteriorated. This is covered up with weird aol myths like, that the teachers when conducting Kriya, functions as a channel for peoples bad Karma. So it is believed that peoples bad karma would get stuck in ones system. This results in people manically taking showers constantly, and developing extreme phobias against people outside the teacher circles. Anyways as I became fulltime teacher I really truly believed that I was going to help people teaching the Kriya. But as I started teaching it all the evidence became to obvious. Nobody and I really mean nobody was helped by the Kriya. All the claims from the so called scientiffic research came to nothing. There was no healing taking place, all we where doing was obstructing that people go to proper authorities like doctors and psychologists, and get help. It was so extremely disillusioning that I had to stop teaching. But I myself still kept doing the Kriya every day for "spiritual" purposes. That until I in the end was ill for half a year in a row. Then in the end I stopped doing the Kriya, and the miracle happened I slowly became more healthy. And it has not stopped since. After doing the kriya for twelve years every day, I can only say that I have never been so healthy as after I have stopped. Since three years ago, when I did my last Kriya, I have become more and more healthy. Every day I get stronger. And I can say without the slightest doubt, that the Kriya not only do not give the benefits it claims, but on the contrary ruins peoples physical and psychological health. I can not warn people enough from doing it. Truly nothing positive can come of it.


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