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Penobscott River Trade Route

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Sissy Maker

I am sitting in a large, over stuffed red chair. I am not alone. Sitting behind me are a variety of people; male, female, straight, bi and gay. The reason I am sitting in this regal looking chair is because I am the current seller of some very exotic property. You see, I am a sissy maker, and my current project Valerie is about to be revealed to this group of interested buyers. All of whom have been provided with a sissy resume describing in detail the attributes of my lovely sissy slut.

Sissy Maker

I have dressed for the occasion, with my black high heels, black leather skirt and white silk blouse elegantly adorning my voluptuous 5'10" frame. I have decided on no jewelry tonight. My luxurious black hair cascades down over my shoulders and contrasts beautifully with my white top. My make-up is professionally done with just enough smoke over my blue eyes to exude a bit of mystery. My lips are a deep red which matches my perfectly sculptured nails. Make no mistake about it, I am a vision to behold. My appearance, and the knowledge from the crowd that I am the owner of the soon to be auctioned sissy slut, only increases the interest and always results in a bidding war with a price far exceeding my expectations.

If someone had told me three years ago that I would be sitting here selling a sissy, I would have told them they were crazy. But serendipity sometimes can be a life changer. And that is exactly what has brought me to this stage of my life.

Mistress? Wow, I was so confused. As this sexy little girl held out her small hand for me to shake, I was trying to figure out what was transpiring here. No doubt Alexandra saw the questioning look on my face. She laughed as I took a better look at her sissy. Starting from the top her blonde hair fell to just below her shoulders. Her face was done up in a sultry sort of slutty way, but not over the top by any means. Her light pink belly shirt hugged her breasts and her belly button was pierced with a very feminine dangling pink stone. Her skirt was one of the shortest I have ever seen and it was literally painted on Alexandra's sissy. The shiny red color certainly popped and there is no way anyone passing by would not notice this hot, sexy nymph. The sissy wore pumps with five inch heels and I noticed a small padlock above each ankle which locked the heels in place. As I inspected this sissy a bit more closely I could see the remnants of what was once a petite male.

"Okay Crystal. Let's finish our shopping, and go grab a glass of wine. I will then explain all about Candi and how owning a sissy will change your life. All I ask is that you keep an open mind as to what I will tell you."

Per Alexandra's direction, her sissy stepped forward and lifted her skirt up. A small pink cage encased her little cock, and her smoothly shaved balls hung below. Following this, she turned around and imbedded in her cute ass was a pink jeweled butt plug.

Alexandra, in a very dominant tone looked at her sissy bitch and ordered, "Now go load mine bitch. Once done, get back in the driver's seat and lock your leash to the steering wheel. The open lock is on the seat. Mistress Crystal and I are walking over next door for a drink and we have a lot to discuss."

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