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Object and Subject in a Dissertation - by The object of research is the whole or problem field, in turn the subject is a particular or detail that allows you to consider the general problem and the ways to solve it. Example:

The object of the research is the technology and hardware design of the complex gas treatment unit based on the process of low-temperature separation. Subject of research - processes of separation separation of multicomponent mixtures at low temperatures, proceeding in industrial apparatuses of technological scheme of complex gas treatment unit.

Although sometimes it is not possible to accurately formulate both the object and the subject. In this case, the scientist works and defends the dissertation with a glance at the proposed provisions.

Stylistics of the dissertation work

Scholars today have their own stylistics for communicating with each other both orally and in writing. But do not assume that scientists have a strict set of rules for communication, just that some communication has been reinforced by tradition.

The best example of the peculiarity of language can be seen in scientific research, where it finds its explicit expression, which consists of reasoning and based on them the evidence found as a result of the work done.

The writing style of the dissertation should be consistent with point #1 and display purposefulness in the dissertation without the emotional language element.

The thesis should be written as a scientific and technical text, there should be explanations of all observations and experiments, information and facts, and this implies knowledge of terminology.

It is knowledge of terminology that gives us the ability to give a concise, detailed answer and explanation.

Scientific speech is all about knowledge of terminology and brevity. If you write your dissertation based on these two qualities, without adding unnecessary data, blurting out useless information that does not carry any meaning, then your dissertation will not be valuable.

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