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Penobscott River Trade Route

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Monster Lake Online Free

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Monster Lake Online Free

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Player versus player (PvP) combat is included in the form called "Monster Play" or "Player vs Monster Player (PvMP)".[7] Monster Play is unlocked when a player's character reaches level 10; players can then play a level 75 monster. Only one type of monster player is available for free players; others can be purchased individually, or completely unlocked by purchasing a subscription. These monster players (also known as 'creeps') have their own quests, titles and deeds, and fight the Heroes (player characters of level 40 and above, and known as 'freeps,' derived by joining the words 'Free Peoples') in the Ettenmoors. Both heroes and monsters fight for the control of various keeps in the Ettenmoors, of which 5 are able to be taken. When one side holds two outposts (after a period of time the outpost will return to the NPC forces), they are able to go into the Delving of Frór, a dungeon area beneath the Ettenmoors. Outposts are smaller versions of keeps and require fewer people to overtake. As of the expansion Mines of Moria and Siege of Mirkwood the amount of outposts required to enter the Delving of Frór has dropped to two, so that both the 'Freeps' and 'Creeps' can enter the delving of Frór simultaneously (5 outposts overall, 2 required to enter).

Another aspect of character development is the inclusion of Destiny Points. Destiny Points are awarded for leveling and completing quests and can be used to temporarily increase some of the player's abilities or skills. As a creep, destiny points are used to buy skills and traits. These points can also be earned through combat in Monster Play. Monster players earn destiny points for controlling a keep, killing 'freeps' (the player controlled Heroes) and completing quests. A player's destiny points are shared across all their characters, whether heroes or monsters.

The in-game currency is copper, silver and gold coins with 100 copper = one silver coin and 1000 silver coins = one gold coin. Money is earned by completing quests, selling loot obtained by killing monsters to NPC vendors, or selling crafted items to NPC vendors or other players. Money is spent on acquiring gear and equipment from NPC vendors or other players, buying skills from class trainers, repairs after combat, equipping traits at bards, travelling between stable masters, buying crafting materials and purchasing a house. Trading between players can be done directly in face to face contact, via the in-game mail system or through the Auction House. Players with free accounts may have no more than two gold coins, while players with subscriptions, or those who have purchased a gold cap removal from the LotRO Store, may have 9999 gold, 999 silver, and 99 copper coins.


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