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Penobscott River Trade Route

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1920x1200 79 Black Screen Wallpapers On Wallpa... PORTABLE

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1920x1200 79 Black Screen Wallpapers on Wallpa...

Officially, we don't support headless systems sorry. If you disconnect or turn off the monitor, this can cause your GPU to stop producing an image which will result in a black screen as there is nothing for TeamViewer to capture.

Update. My video adapter cable fix didn't continue to work. After power cycle back to the problem. Also tried the "blue" hdmi-dvi cable suggested by another. Didn't work either. I did find I have to constantly check/uncheck hide wallpaper to get things to show. In 640 x 480. Something asking for permission? screen goes black, click wallpaper. Gave it permission now screen black again, click wallpaper.

Its still an issue in latest TV. And I found the same solution as an earlier poster - when you get the black screen, go to View and toggle the wallpaper. The login screen will be displayed. After login it will be black again. Repeat the wallpaper toggle.

Make certain you have firmware version 12.0.42 or higher. To get the best RDP performance on the L800, the Disable Native Acceleration 36 / I am no longer able to connect to virtual desktops using PCoIP - I get a black screen or it just closes out. =en_US&cmd=displayKC&externalId=1022830 041b061a72


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