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Looking For Old Cars To Buy

Shoppers looking for the best deal on a new car are typically advised to wait until the end of the year when automakers offer their most generous incentives. Additionally, automakers usually offer deals around Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day and Black Friday. However, the ongoing inventory shortage and supply chain issues have forced automakers to scale back on incentives in recent months.

looking for old cars to buy

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There are some basic checks and tests you can perform on a used car that should help you identify whether it has certain problems. Some tasks you can perform yourself include reading the vehicle history, looking at the title, checking for rust or frame damage, inspecting fluids, looking for dashboard warning lights, testing various features and looking over its maintenance history. It's also recommended to have a trusted mechanic perform an inspection before you buy the car. Related articles:

Yes, loan rates are higher overall for used versus new cars, but they may be better if the car is factory-certified pre-owned because manufacturers may offer attractive interest rates to promote CPO sales. Before financing with a dealer, bank, or credit union, check the national average interest rates for used cars at

Extended warranties offer peace of mind, but apart from the coverage included with factory-certified pre-owned cars, additional plans come with a price that studies have shown to be higher than the benefits you can claim in repairs.

A certified pre-owned or CPO car has been inspected to meet minimum quality standards and typically includes some type of warranty. While dealers and third parties certify cars, the gold standard is an automaker-certified vehicle that provides a factory-backed warranty, often extending the original coverage. Vehicles must be in excellent condition and have low miles and wear to be certified, which is why off-lease vehicles feed many CPO programs.

Buying a used car can be a good option when you're looking for a quality vehicle without the higher price tag. While a used car can be a sensible option, buyers still need to make smart choices. There's a lot to look for when buying a used vehicle, but here are some ways to help you choose the right car for you.

Inspect the interior by sitting in all the seats and looking for unusual wear and tear in the upholstery, says CARFAX. If the interior of the car smells musty, check the carpet and floor mats for signs of a a leak or water damage.

If you've come here looking for a great deal on a used or certified pre-owned (CPO) car, truck, SUV for sale, then you're in the right place. Edmunds has everything you need to know about finding and buying the best cheap used car near you. At Edmunds we offer used car dealership listings and sales reviews, loan information, expert reviews, consumer car reviews, car cost comparisons (based on factors like condition, body style, mileage and trim level), vehicle appraisal calculators, images and videos, technical features and specs, user forums and more.

Just use the search bar at the top of the page to browse pre-owned autos for sale from popular makes such as Ford, Honda, Toyota, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Nissan, Acura and Jeep. Or select a body style with Edmunds' curated lists of the most popular sedans, hybrids, SUVs, hatchbacks, wagons, coupes, convertibles, minivans or pickups. The inventory tool allows you to cast a much wider net than simply visiting your local dealership's website. Start with the make and model of the vehicle that you're interested in and refine your search by used auto price, distance, model year and mileage. If you're looking for specific options or features, a certain trim level or a specific color, there are more advanced search filters available, including engine type, fuel type, drivetrain, powertrain, airbags, air conditioning and much more. After you find the automobile you're interested in, select the listing to check out the VIN details page for that vehicle and get more information. There you'll find a description of the vehicle from the dealer, vehicle features and options, contact information for that dealership, dealer reviews and a ballpark insurance estimate.

The used-car market is like a huge haystack, and while it may seem tough to find that needle, a bit of online research cuts the legwork and speeds up the process considerably. The good news is that you're already on the right page to start. From here, you can either input the car you want or scroll to the "Select a Make" section and click on an automaker you're interested in. You'll then get a list of cars to choose from. And on the left side of the inventory page, you'll find several ways to filter the choices.

There are a number of places to purchase a used auto. Here's a quick rundown: CarMax offers no-haggle pricing and cars that are in good condition, but its prices are a bit higher than you'll find elsewhere. Private-party sellers have lower prices and can be negotiated with more easily, but the burden is on the buyer to get the car inspected. Major dealerships sell certified pre-owned cars that are in excellent condition and backed by factory warranties. This option will appeal to buyers who want to minimize the risks of buying used and are willing to pay extra for it. Independent used-car lots are another alternative but can vary wildly on price and the condition level of their cars.

Often, when we think of classic cars, it is most likely that we picture exclusive and expensive classic cars, some of the most expensive sports cars ever sold at auction, such as the $26.4 Million 964 Ferrari 275 GTB/C Speciale, the $38 Million 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO Berlinetta or the $29.6 Million 1954 Mercedes-Benz W196 Silver Arrow sold at the auction. However, did you know that you can snag some pretty good classic cars for under $15,000 in 2021? Yes, you can.

Updated January 2022: If you're looking to add some classic cars to your collection, or maybe just a cool little runabout, we've got good news for you. This article has been updated with the latest prices from Hagerty's Valuation Tool, and we've also included some new sports cars on the list to help you make a better and more well-informed decision when purchasing your next classic.

Surprisingly, the selection of affordable classic cars available for under $15,000 is a lot bigger and more varied than you might think. It turns out that just because a car is rare or a classic, they're not necessarily as expensive as most people would assume. It's still possible for aspiring collectors to find rare classics that look great and perform well without having to dig too deep into their pockets. Here are 17 classic cars you can purchase under $15,000 in 2021, but you might want to act quick, as some cheap classic cars are appreciating in value real fast.

After only building rear-engined cars for three decades, Porsche all of a sudden decided to experiment with more conventional configurations in the 1970s. The first front-engined Porsche was the 924 in 1976, soon followed by the 928 in '78, and the 944 in 1982. The Porsche 944 was the sportiest of the bunch and featured a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine with 187 horses on tap. Car and Driver named it the "Best Handling Production Car in America," and now you can get your hands on one of these beauties for a mere $7,500.

The Alfa Romeo Spider is seriously cool and one of the most stunning as well as iconic Italian classic sports cars. Sure, it's not particularly fast, and the handling isn't the best, either, but it's still a car most gearheads should own, or at the very least drive, at some point in their lives. The 1973 version is part of the second-generation and features a 129 hp 2.0-liter twin-cam four-cylinder engine, and it'll only set you back $14,000.

The 1996 Chevrolet Camaro is a 3 door coupe, and you can get it for as low as $7,000. Granted, this isn't the best-looking Camaro to ever see the light of day, but it's a decent car with decent power. Speaking of power, the Camaro has a naturally aspirated V8 engine that cranks out 285 hp and 335 pound-feet of torque. The Camaro manages a top speed of 160 miles per hour and accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 5.8 seconds. It has an average fuel consumption of 20 miles per gallon, which isn't too bad for a V8-powered car from that era.

The 1994 Jaguar XJS is a 2 door fastback coupe, and you can get it for as low as $11,000 if you go for the six-cylinder version. Of course, the V12 is much cooler, and not all that much more expensive. In fact, at $14,500, it's one of the cheapest V12 cars on the market. Neither version is particularly fast or sporty, It is powered by a naturally aspirated, inline-6 engine cranks out 219 hp and the V12 has around 295 hp.

The 1978 Lincoln Continental was available as a 4-door full-size luxury sedan and a 2-door full-size luxury coupe. It might be humongous and luxurious, but it can be bought surprisingly cheap. These cars are available for as little as $6,000, and for that amount, you get a huge car powered by a naturally aspirated V8 engine that cranks out 166 hp and 319 pound-feet of torque. The Lincoln Continental has a top speed of 106 miles per hour and goes from rest to 60 mph in 14.0 seconds. It has an average fuel consumption of 14 miles per gallon and comes with a 3-speed automatic transmission.

When you buy a pre-owned car, you can get options and features at a fraction of the price they'll cost you on a new car. Option packages and higher trim levels don't command nearly the same premiums on used vehicles as they do on brand-new cars.

Not sure if you want to take the leap into a used car with no warranty coverage? There is a used car option that does have factory warranty coverage. Manufacturer-certified pre-owned cars (CPO cars) offer a blend of used-car affordability with manufacturer-backed warranty coverage. They're usually low-mileage cars that are just a few years old, with service records and no history of accidents. They are often cars returned at the end of leases, dealership service loaner vehicles, or vehicles driven by dealer or automaker staff. 041b061a72


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