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Mod Organizer Install Multiple Mods

Vortex takes care of installing mods through hardlinks (a "dirty" way of virtualizing folders), while MO2 virtualizes folders in a better way than Vortex by basically leaving your data folder alone and installing mods in MO2 folder, which is a much cleaner way than Vortex.

Mod Organizer Install Multiple Mods

Download Zip:

Note: As part of the update process, Vortex will delete the Vortex folder (where the program itself is stored, not your mods and/or downloads) and, after that, install the new version. Should the update process fail, it is safe to simply download the newest available version from the Vortex download page and install it.

Vortex breaks the installation of mods into two phases. The first phase is the process of extracting the mod archive and going through the installer (if there is one). This phase places the files of the mod in a separate "mod directory" where it doesn't affect the game yet.

The reason Vortex does this is because the deployment phase can be done very quickly (usually taking only a few seconds) and it doesn't require any further user interaction. This allows you to quickly toggle mods between "disabled" and "enabled" and change profiles without having to go through the entire installation process of all mods again.

You can use this feature to prepare for a backup, if you want to keep your backup from containing the links, or if you want to restore your game directory to a vanilla state without uninstalling your mods.

Vortex will inform you when you are running out of disk space and won't be able to perform tasks such as installing or deploying mods if not enough space is available. To address the issue, free up some space on your hard drive to enable Vortex to perform its tasks.

The first thing you are going to do is install Mod Organizer 2, the latest version of the mod organizer. This software is essential to organize all the mods and addons you will push into your base game. Plus, it will help you identify which mods are currently installed in your game. Follow this link to download Mod Organizer 2 into your PC. After the download, you can install Mod Organizer 2 and launch it to add the game to this software.

Upon downloading, you will receive a zip folder. Before opening it, the next thing you will have to do is to head to the nexus mods website to download the ENB that you want to run in Fallout 4. Remember, the ENB you installed earlier is the main file. The mod you will download from the nexus mods website is the presets that will run through ENB software.

You have now installed your mod. Any simple replacer mods that only contain resource files such as meshes ortextures will now automatically be loaded in the order of their data=* entry.This is important to note because replacer mods that replace the same resource will overwrite previous ones as you go down the list.

If you are using Family Library Sharing, and all three of you are on different computer systems, there is no problem at all, and you can mod to your heart's desire, as the mods you install, or tweaks you make to the settings and .ini files, are completely local, and won't change anything for the other players.

By far the easiest way to install mods in a vanilla game is by using HF Patch. This package includes all free illusion DLCs, the base mods and essential plugins. Also, the extra plugins are cautiously selected to not generate any conflicts.

If you want to install each mod one by one, you must first install the base mods. Without then your modded game will not even launch. Its highly recommended to also install the essential mods since several other plugins and .zipmods rely on them to work.

Now that you have a working modded game, its highly recommended to also install these plugins that are essential to make some cards, plugins and zipmods to work properly, otherwise you may get distorted faces and clothes, cards with missing accessories, etc.

When installing MO2, at the bottom of the options make sure to check the handle Nexus links box and then later when you start it up, enter your Nexus account information. You will be able to download mods directly into it.


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