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Rockland to Portland Trade Route

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[S3E16] Phones

At the hotel, Gael, Michelle, and Phillips work on shutting down elevators, exits, and phone systems. Phillips asks if it's that serious, to shut down phone systems. Michelle tells him yes, it is potentially very serious, and no one can be allowed to leave the building. Their first priority is to prevent a panic. Phillips argues that shutting down hotel systems will create a panic, and the guests will still have their cell phones. Michelle says that a jamming signal is being directed at the hotel so that guests will be unable to use their cell phones. They will still be able to stay in contact with CTU since their cell phones operate on pinhole frequency. Phillips asks if anyone is going to survive, and Michelle assures him, saying that that's what they are there for, to ensure that people survive. Gael tells him that the hotel's security team is their first line of defense. Michelle says that the fire alarms need to be shut down. However, Phillips informs her that it has to be shut down node by node.

[S3E16] Phones




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