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Rockland to Portland Trade Route

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the heart is a muscular organ that pumps blood around the body, and is considered the "pump" of a vehicle. depending on the vehicle, the heart can be either exposed to the outside of the body or enclosed in a separately enclosed space called the "cardiac cavity".

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the cognitive development and anatomy of the brain and its parts and functions are the subject of neurobiology. neurobiology or the scientific study of the biology of the nervous system, is primarily concerned with the neuronal component and study of the factors which influence neuronal proliferation, differentiation, interconnection, and pattern formation, i.e. learning and memory.

caid (computer-aided instruction design) also known as caid designer is a graphics-oriented computer based instructional design (cd-rom and software) developed by sri international. caid designer is based on the context-based instruction and the natural pedagogy (the "why" approach) and employs sophisticated modeling and interaction techniques to create a support for instruction delivery for a wide variety of subject areas

a pogo stick, once propelled, is not usually deflected from its course by other objects in its way. the only reason it usually comes to a stop is due to friction between the floor and the chassis, which slows its motion. the lack of friction in some skateboards enables the pogo stick to maintain its course after it is launched.

a trail camera or camera trap is an imaging device for wildlife that captures photographs and video of animals and plants from a position where they would be otherwise not visible. it is generally set up to trigger remotely, either via motion sensors or when prey is passing within a certain proximity or angle.


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