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Winning Eleven 10 Ps2 Option File

Thank you so much! All I want to be able to do (at this stage) is change team and player names into English. I understand that Fabio Vitor has created an option file editor for JL 2007 and 2010 but it seems from his Facebook page that he isn't willing to release it. Certainly not yet.

Winning Eleven 10 Ps2 Option File


Uno de los primeros Option File:This option file is made with we10 + Fernando v1 patchv0.2- All national/club team names translated 100%- Translated most stadium names- Translated some league/cup namesALL players on these teams have been translated:National Teams - All 100%Club teams:England: All 100%France: 3Germany: NoneItaly: Inter Milan, AC Milan, Juventus, Lazio, AS RomaHolland: PSV, Feyenoord, AjaxSpain: All 100%Other League A: NoneOther Leauge B: None

ENGLISH COMMENTARY PATCH download - to apply simply get the JSOUNDS.AFS file you just downloaded and copy and paste it into the folder where you saved the extracted iso. 5. Now get the MyMy Mix Patch from these links; PART 1 - PART 2 - PART 3 - PART 4 - DKZ STUDIO GUIDE - (note: dkz guide is METHOD 2, ppf is method 1, u cant use ppf with this patch) - 6. Now download all the mymy updates, UNRAR and apply in this order (V2.3, V2.3.3, V2.3.4, V2.3.5, V2.3.6, V2.3.7, V2.3.8) V2.3 - V2.3.3 - (comes with option file dont use it!) V2.3.4 - (comes with option fiel dont use it!) V2.3.5 - V2.3.6 - V2.3.7 - V2.3.8 - APPLY USING DKZ STUDIO, link posted above. 7.

Once you have done all that you will have to create an iml file so you can then create an iso file with your patched WE10 game. To do this follow this guide int his guide you will create an iml fiel then it will tell you how to create an iso file with DKZ STUDIO i advise you to have absolutely nothing open not even the guide webpage when trying to make the ISO, at the start most of the time it seems like it frozen just turn off the monitor and go do something else for about half an hour. If you have any problems at all post them and i will help you out as soon as possible ENJOY! WORLD SOCCER WINNING ELEVEN 10 OPTION FILE Use this option file with the patched iso (patch with mymy and fernando) and you will get all the lastest 2006/2007 kits with sponsers, they look so good! You will also get all the latest transfers done. This is what the publishers says about it '- Updated club teams numbers and 1st teams (done as much as possible, probably half as people were becoming impatient and i had a booze fueled weekend) - Sunderland, WBA replaces WEN & PES Utd - All Summer Transfers (loans to non-existent teams remain) - Premiership Promoted teams only (watford, sheffield, reading) but. Includes emblems for promoted teams (WSAG) so people can update if they want feel free to release your updated work here if you want to update this and make it better (formations numbers etc)' DOWNLOAD LINK - How to get option file onto memory card using a cd rom or (once on this site click on the 2nd link down, itll look just like the mysitewanadoo 1 above) (NOTE: you only need cdgenps2 and ps2menu, because this option file already comes with.npo file so miss out the CONVERTING TO NPO section on the link i posted abve) ENJOY!


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