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Rockland to Portland Trade Route

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Великие Управленцы Литвак Б. Г

Abstract: The article examines the managerial activities of Alexander the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte and David Packard. The author analyzes their management decisions from the point of view of modern management theory. The topic under consideration will be of interest primarily to quality specialists, managers, as well as specialists in the humanities and technical fields who study management issues.

Великие Управленцы Литвак Б. Г

The genius of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, one of the greatest presidents of the USA, left its mark in all spheres of life: social, economic, political, religious, and military. The article looks at his main achievements in 1933-1945, when he managed to overcome the Great Depression, lay the foundations of social policy and place himself at the head of the Anti-Fascist Coalition.

The article reveals the peculiar features of rationalism within communicative practices, policy, and economy. The author justifies the idea about the necessity of a value-based turn in making the management decisions in business, communication and political activities.


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