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Buy Used Truck Tires

Liberty Tire Recycling sells and delivers used tires to wholesalers and retailers worldwide. We carry used passenger, light truck, virgin truck, regroovable truck, agricultural and off-the-road (OTR) tires. Additionally, we sell truck tire casings and OTR casings. We offer rim sizes from 14 inches to 26 inches, and professionally load trailers so they can safely carry the highest possible capacity, saving you time and money.

buy used truck tires

High-quality used tires are less expensive than new tires and just as dependable. Our skilled grading specialists ensure that only the best tires make their way into the used marketplace, so safety is never sacrificed.

Reusing tires also improves the long-term health of the planet by extending the life of existing tires rather than turning to new ones. This ultimately reduces waste and supports a green circular economy, a key consideration factor for consumers. By putting used tires back on the road, we displaced approximately 275,000 metric tons of CO2-e that would have otherwise been generated in the manufacturing of new tires.

We have the widest variety and largest number of used passenger tires in the world, spanning passenger tires to performance, truck and SUV ones. They are sold by categories from Grade 1, which is the best, to Grade 4, which is the most affordable. Purchase any mix and quantity from us today.

We know used truck tires are a unique segment of the industry, and that is one reason we have one of the best selections of used commercial truck tires. Besides the tires themselves, we also sell truck tire casings and regroovable truck tires. Find out what we have in our inventory today.

Finding used, reasonably priced off-the-road (OTR) tires for heavy vehicles and equipment can be a challenge, but we have you covered. We also sell OTR casings and regroovable OTR tires. Buy OTR used tires from us today and save.

Agricultural businesses cannot afford to lose any downtime if they get a damaged tire. We have a wide variety of used tires for tractors, harvesters, trailers and other types of equipment so their operations are not out of commission for longer than absolutely necessary. Let us find the right fit for you.

With that foundation, we hire highly trained professionals to grade the tires we collect and decide which tires are safe enough to be resold and which ones need to be recycled. Our staff understands the importance of the work they do, that people will be relying on these tires to drop off their kids at school, drive across our communities to deliver packages and help harvest the food we need.

To be part of creating a greener tomorrow, we can collect your used tires. Schedule backdoor pickups that help keep your facility safe and clean, or we can drop off a trailer for you to fill at your convenience before we return to pick it up.

The truck is the source of your work and needs to be in the best shape every single second. Maintaining and supplying a high level of a truck parts is the important for the performance and the efficiency of the truck. Sometimes even used parts such as used truck tires can be a smart choice to be made if you know where to buy them and how to check the performance.

If you take care of your truck and the parts your truck will take care of you, it is that simple. If you buy a used truck tires it does not mean that you are giving a less productive product unless you are buying those tires from a suspicious source.

In that case, you are not just putting in danger the safety of the load but the traffic around that truck is also put at risk and in the end you are violating the Federal Safety Standards and Regulations. I will point few tips that you need to consider before buying used truck tires for your fleet.

Before you go and buy a used truck tires you need to make a checklist. Trust me the checklist is very important part of buying used truck tires. You may check everything but if you miss just one important thing you may end up with truck tires that you cannot use.

When you are ready to buy a used truck tires you need to have in mind that you need to check each part that can affect the performance and could put the safety on a question mark. Make a list and start checking the used truck tires for malfunctions.

If everything is checked and you did not found a reason not to buy them, then good for you for being able to find a used truck tires in great shape. Maybe you found truck tires that were pulled from a damaged truck and they are almost good as new.

When you have the tires in your hands check the date of manufacturing. You can check this by the four digits that are on the tire. The first two numbers are the representing the week and the other two are the year. For example, if the numbers are 1114 that means that the tire was manufactured on the 11th week of 2014.

I would suggest not buying a tire that is older than 5 years because they are vulnerable on cracks and defects. This should be the first thing that you will check on a used truck tires because the FMCSA regulations are also recommending on time tire changing and checkups to increase the safety on the road.

According to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations, the minimum of tire tread size is 4/32 inches. In case the tire goes under a 4/32 you can get a penalty. Perform a tread depth inspection when you are buying used truck tires.

When we are on the tread depth I like to mention another option. Buy retreaded or remanufactured tires. These tires are actually used ones that were remanufactured with applying a new layer on the surface of those used truck tires.

The material that the service centers are using for this is 20% from a manufacturing an entirely new tire. This is a good option because the price of tires is significantly lower than buying new truck tires and you steel are getting checked and inspected tire.

If you decide to buy retreads buy them from a certified shop because the used truck tires with a new retread layer were inspected to fit the high safety standards to ensure high level of performance and safety on the roads.

The driving performance of the used truck tires is more than tire treads depth. Other dangers that can lead to accidents are the sidewall cracks and dry rots. Many buyers of used truck tires are giving the advice of taking a close look on the side of the tires and to not be fooled with the good tread depth.

When you are buying used truck tires you should also turn the tires little more to check them for bumps. These bumps will give additional pressure to some part of the tire and can also lead to tire blows.

If you have a friend that is a professional servicer or at least have more experience with used truck tires you should take him with you. He would know how to inspect the tires and look for hidden defects. In that way, you can learn how you can perform proper tire check for the next time. If it is necessary take notes of the steps that your friend is doing to have a reminder for the future.

Used truck tires could be dangerous if they are not inspected properly and additional to that you are more exposed to accidents which will entail bad safety rating. You are a truck driver that needs security to protect the load that you are caring and protect the other traffic participants.

You can also buy used truck tires online. The best way to do that is to go to the online store for used truck tires and check the customer feedback to see the customer satisfaction of the service. See if there is some bad response and if there is, see how the problem was solved.

It is logical to not buy a used truck tires from a store with a bad review. But if the store is offering an additional solution and option that might be worth to consider. The online store is not giving you an option to take the tire in your hands and to inspect it. That is why it is important to see if there is a chance to have a refund of the investment in case some defect occurs in a short time.

Why is it more practical to buy used truck tires on rims? To get the full picture I will start explaining the structure of the rubber. If the rubber is left on a side without precise shape it will get deformed and the elasticity of the rubber will be loosed and more fragile on breaks.

Another thing is that with buying used truck tires that are stored on rims you will not spend additional time for putting them in rims and then installing them on the truck. You just take the tires fix them and inflate them with proper pressure and you are ready for action.

Maintenance records are reliable proof the quality of the used truck tires that you want to buy. Ask for a tire maintenance records from the owner and if the tires are maintained properly in a professional service center with a proper inflation you can consider them for buying.

You went to a store and you are ready to buy used truck tires? Wait for a moment to give you a tip. The used truck tire sellers are usually getting the tires for free from the customers who bought new truck tires or they are getting them from aftermarket truck wheels. The sellers not just getting the tires for free they also charge a recycling fee.

Full sized SUVs, light duty trucks and pickup trucks require better than average tires in order to offer great performance on unpaved roads as well as towing and hauling. Plus, they also need to have a longer tread life than classic car or road SUV tires.

Most of the light trucks are equipped with this type of tires by default, in order to give you good performance in a wide variety of weather conditions. They offer durability and can handle mild seasonal changes, while also giving you a smooth ride on paved roads. They work ok in case of light snow or small winter storms, but they are not made for deep snow, ice and very cold weather. In that case you will need winter light truck tires.

All season light truck tires are also lighter in weight compared to other types, which makes them fuel efficient. They can also handle towing and hauling activities, as long as they happen on-road. They are perfect if you do most of the driving on streets and highways, but if you plan on going off-road, then you need to consider other types of tires. 041b061a72


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