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Gale Encyclopedia Of Medicine (NINE Volume Set) Extra Quality

The second Gale publication we cover is The Gale Encyclopedia of Science(RR 2008/310) now published in a fourth edition. This new versionfollows hot on the heels of the third edition of 2004 (RR 2004/387) andis here subjected to detailed analysis by Stuart Hannabuss. Like similar Galescience and technology encyclopedias, for example The Gale Encyclopedia ofMedicine (RR 2007/183) which recently appeared in a five volumethird edition just five years after the second, this is a title that now appearsto be destined for frequent publication.

Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine (NINE Volume Set)

Taken together, the Micropædia and Macropædia comprise roughly 40 million words and 24,000 images.[9] The two-volume index has 2,350 pages, listing the 228,274 topics covered in the Britannica, together with 474,675 subentries under those topics.[8] The Britannica generally prefers British spelling over American;[8] for example, it uses colour (not color), centre (not center), and encyclopaedia (not encyclopedia). However, there are exceptions to this rule, such as defense rather than defence.[12] Common alternative spellings are provided with cross-references such as "Color: see Colour."

Over 200 volumes of content, from encyclopedias to biographies, and primary documents dating from pre-Colonial civilizations that explore their history and contemporary culture in the United States. Includes a timeline, images, maps, and lesson plans.

Up-to-the-minute biographies of leaders and achievers from around the world in the areas of business, law, science, medicine, the arts, government, entertainment and more. Access to all biographies that have appeared in 24 Marquis Who's Who print titles since 1985, and Who Was Who in America volumes from1607-1985. 041b061a72


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