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Lightyear 2022

It was revealed in March 2022 that a scene featuring a same-sex kiss between Alicia Hawthorne and another woman was initially cut, because it was random and didn't help the storyline. However, due to then-current Disney CEO Bob Chapek's response to the passing of the Floridian Parental Rights in Education Bill (also known as the "Don't Say Gay Bill") and the internal uproar it caused within Disney, the scene was reinstated.[2]

Lightyear 2022

Recurrent Pixar composer Michael Giacchino was announced to compose the score for the film, marking his eighth collaboration with the company and the second time he would score an installment to one of their film franchises that is traditionally scored by Randy Newman, after Cars 2. He previously scored the Toy Story television specials Toy Story of Terror! and Toy Story That Time Forgot. The score was recorded over 15 days, requiring a 39-member choir and an 89-piece orchestra. A track titled "Mission Perpetual" was released as a single on June 3, 2022. Giacchino said the track was his favorite to work on the film, describing it as a challenge due to the music needing to convey Buzz Lightyear's frustration, sadness, and determination through the sequence. The soundtrack was released on June 17, 2022 through Walt Disney Records.

Lightyear premiered on June 8, 2022 and was theatrically released in the United States on June 17, 2022 by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, in RealD 3D, Dolby Cinema, and IMAX formats. It is the first theatrical release for Pixar in two years, since Soul, Luca, and Turning Red were assigned direct-to-streaming releases on Disney+ in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A remarkable pile-up of films will top the box office chart this weekend, with five of them likely to earn more than $20 million over three days, and three in with a shot at coming out top. If it does happen, this would be the seventh time five films have earned over $20 million in a weekend. Life of Pi holds the record for the high-grossing fifth-placed film with $22.45 million over the weekend of November 23, 2012. That record looks in danger this weekend. But which of Elvis, Jurassic World: Dominion and Top Gun: Maverick does our model think will win the weekend? Read on to find out.More...Weekend predictions: Lightyear sets off for chart-topping weekendJune 17th, 2022

After a painful hiatus from theaters since Onward debuted in March, 2020, Pixar returns in full force this weekend with an exclusive theatrical release for Lightyear. Although its $5,200,000 in previews spread between Wednesday and Thursday nights is well short of infinity and beyond, the animated adventure should top the chart this weekend, in spite of strong competition from Jurassic World: Dominion and Top Gun: Maverick.More...Lightyear trailerJune 15th, 2022

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Where Tim Allen personified the animated toy in Toy Story (1995), Toy Story 2 (1999), Toy Story 3 (2010), and Toy Story 4 (2019), Captain America actor Chris Evans stepped into the purple-soled boots of the iconic Space Ranger for the 2022 outing produced by Galyn Susman and composed by Michael Giacchino. Evans was joined by Keke Palmer (Izzy Hawthorne), Peter Sohn (Sox), Taika Waititi (Mo Morrison), Dale Soules (Darby Steel), James Brolin (Buzz Lightyear/Zurg), Uzo Aduba (Alisha Hawthorne), and Bill Hader as Featheringhamstan.

As most fans know, Buzz Lightyear is voiced by Allen throughout all four movies of the franchise. In a lot of ways, Allen does feel like the only Buzz Lightyear because his voice is the only one kids and adults hear while watching any of the "Toy Story" films. When the news broke in October, fans seemed angry, hurt, and confused. @KayAmity wrote on Twitter: "Hold the phone... there's a Buzz Lightyear movie coming out and @ofctimallen isn't Buzz?!?! 'There seems to be no sign of intelligent life anywhere.'" But others offered a simple explanation, one that both satisfied the evolving theories behind what "Lightyear" would be and what the "Toy Story" universe will become as it appeals to a new generation of fans in 2022.

So although we won't get to hear Allen reprise his role, "Lightyear" will show those '90s kids Buzz's real story and provide a gateway into the "Toy Story" universe for younger generations. Knowing Buzz Lightyear can continue to shine outside of the toy world should comfort the fans who want more "Toy Story" nostalgia in their lives in 2022!

Lightyear is an American computer-animated science-fiction action film produced by Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. A spin-off of the Toy Story film series, the film acts as an origin story for the character Buzz Lightyear. The film stars the voices of Chris Evans, Keke Palmer, Taika Waititi, Peter Sohn, Uzo Aduba, James Brolin, Mary McDonald-Lewis, Efren Ramirez and Isiah Whitlock Jr. It was released in theaters June 17, 2022 in the United States, before releasing on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar on August 3, 2022.

The movie is also unlikely to be released in China, given the fact that Disney again declined to make several cuts requested by the country's censorship authority,[6] which has been practicing strict censorship of LGBT content in the media in recent years.[11] Despite this, the film was made available in Chinese Mandarin in early December 2022. 041b061a72


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