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Heng Balance Lamp Buy

Within the frame of the pleasingly minimalist Heng Lamp is a surprising way to illuminate it. The lamp is lit by connecting the balls containing embedded magnets. Separating them turns off the light. The sleek design creates the illusion of light passing through the curved frame. Let the Large Heng live as an art piece in a favorite area of your space. Move the Mini around your home wherever you need light. Both the Large and Mini are powered by USB plug-in which can also be used with a wall-socket adapter (not included).

heng balance lamp buy

The "Heng" (which means "balance" in Chinese) Lamp is turned on by connecting the two balls that contain magnets inside. By separating them the lamp is turned off. It's easy to see why this innovative lamp won the Red Dot design award.

It combines new technology with the art of hand craftsmanship with an innovative magnet switch! You can operate the Heng Balance Lamp with two magnetic balls. When you lift the bottom magnetic ball, it will be attracted by the upper ball so the light goes on. In addition, the balls will keep each other in balance which gives a cool face.

Features an innovative desk lamp which is controlled by two magnetic spheresEncompasses versatile usage as a table lamp or a piece of art to decorate your spaceExquisitely crafted curvacious frame emits light which does not strain the eyeHard wearing and well build construction that prevents it from breakingThree-section folding table lamp frees up more place for you 041b061a72


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