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Little Fighter 1 Indir BETTER

Little Fighter is a fighting/brawling game for up to three players with several game modes. There are eleven different fighters, each with their own special moves and abilities, and up to eight of them can take part in one battle.Available game modes include one-on-one fights, a tournament mode, and free-for-all brawls with many characters fighting each other at once. In addition to the regular and special moves, there are various items which regularly fall into the arena that may be used by characters in combat. These include rocks and crates that can be hurled at opponents, bats and other weapons which may be wielded or thrown, and bottles of baby milk that restore health.Little Fighter was developed by Marti Wong and released as freeware. The game interface is in Chinese, but it should not be hard to figure out.

Little Fighter 1 Indir


To give you an idea of what we are saying, you have to know that there are fighters who can immobilize opponents, while others can levitate them away from the ground and then attack them defenseless. The case's appeal is that every Little Fighter 2 player can find a fighter that suits precisely what they're looking for in their battle tactics, and that's something we like.


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