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Vladimir Peskin Trumpet Concerto Pdf Free

Vladimir Peskin Trumpet Concerto Pdf Free

Vladimir Peskin (1906-1988) was a Russian composer, pianist and amateur trumpet player. He wrote several works for the trumpet, including two concertos that are considered among the most challenging and expressive pieces in the trumpet repertoire. In this article, we will explore the background, structure and style of Peskin's trumpet concertos, and provide some links to free pdf versions of the sheet music and recordings of the performances.

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Peskin was born in Moscow in 1906, and studied piano and composition at the Moscow Conservatory. He was influenced by the music of Rachmaninoff, Scriabin and Prokofiev, as well as by jazz and folk music. He worked as a pianist in various orchestras and theaters, and also composed music for films, ballets and operas. He had a keen interest in the trumpet, and often played it as a hobby. He befriended Timofei Dokshizer, a young trumpet virtuoso who was studying at the conservatory, and wrote several works for him, including two concertos, a sonata, a rhapsody and a concerto for two trumpets.

Peskin's life was marked by hardship and tragedy. His father was persecuted by the Stalin regime and his mother was deported to Siberia. He himself was arrested several times and spent some years in prison camps. He suffered from tuberculosis and other illnesses, and died in 1988 in Moscow.

Structure and Style

Peskin's trumpet concertos are written for B-flat trumpet and piano accompaniment. They are both in three movements, following the classical sonata form. The first movement is fast and dramatic, with contrasting themes and virtuosic passages. The second movement is slow and lyrical, with expressive melodies and rich harmonies. The third movement is fast and playful, with rhythmic motifs and humorous effects.

Peskin's style is influenced by both classical and modern elements. He uses traditional forms and techniques, such as sonata form, fugue, cadenza and variation. He also uses chromaticism, polytonality, jazz rhythms and folk melodies. He creates a rich musical texture with complex chords, counterpoint and orchestration. He challenges the technical and musical abilities of the trumpet player with high notes, fast runs, wide intervals, double tonguing and flutter tonguing.

Free Pdfs and Recordings

If you are interested in playing or listening to Peskin's trumpet concertos, you can find some free pdf versions of the sheet music online. Here are some links to download them:

  • [Concerto No. 1]

  • [Concerto No. 2]

You can also find some recordings of the performances on YouTube. Here are some links to watch them:

  • [Concerto No. 1 by Timofei Dokshizer]

  • [Concerto No. 1 by Giuliano Sommerhalder]

  • [Concerto No. 2 by Timofei Dokshizer]

  • [Concerto No. 2 by Sergei Nakariakov]

We hope you enjoy these amazing works by Vladimir Peskin, one of the most important composers for the trumpet in the 20th century.


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