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Short Bang Hairstyle For Female By S-Club At TSR [CRACKED]

Hairstyles in the Sims 4 are starting to look old and your sims most definitely need a refresh. This post will include numerous male hairstyles, covering short, medium, and long styles with various textures such as curly, naturally wavy, kinky, and so on.

Short bang hairstyle for female by S-Club at TSR

J130 Rough Sketch hair is a Medium Long hairstyle that comes in a variety of colors, including two-tone black, brown, and extremely light blonde. Adults and teenagers can use it. The haircut is stunning, with a bang that goes from the sides to the ears and covers the forehead and neck from the back. The hair is silky and delicate, with some lovely waves. It suits dark and wheaten complexion skin colors. Click the link to download.

What makes this hairstyle mod unique from Sims 4 Male Hair mods is that the hairstyle is suitable for male characters, particularly teenagers. Your Sims will stand out in the crowd if you apply this mod on them. Because the hair is divided into two pieces by a straight line, it seems to be two wings. There is also a long bang. This feather cut is also available in a variety of colors; click here to get it.

This trendy hairstyle is the final modification on our list. This haircut is suitable for both genders and all Sims charter ages, including teens, adults, and elders. This hair includes Alpha textures as well as a set of colors to use with it. This hairstyle includes a long ponytail with a bang. You can get it for free here. 041b061a72


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