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This Just In: Work Sucks!! (Surprise)

Some excellent candidates may have situations that keep them from working in an office environment regularly. You might be surprised to find out how many employees are ready to leave their jobs simply because... their commute sucks. ??

This Just In: Work Sucks!! (Surprise)

The idea that "work sucks" is everywhere. It's been the subject of ancient philosophers, world leaders, your colleagues and even pop culture. Comedian George Carlin once quipped, "Oh, you hate your job? Why didn't you say so? There's a support group for that. It's called EVERYBODY, and they meet at the bar."

The pain from work has caused leaders to invent new ways to get as far from work as possible. Movements to attain "work-life balance," implement four-day workweeks and expand remote work are now everywhere. But it's not just the hours, imbalance or location that leave workers unhappy. It's what's happening at work that makes them miserable.

Those five causes have one thing in common: your boss. Get a bad one and you are almost guaranteed to hate your job. A bad boss will ignore you, disrespect you and never support you. Environments like that can make anyone miserable. A manager's effect on a workplace is so significant that Gallup can predict 70% of the variance in team engagement just by getting to know the boss.

The real fix is this simple: better leaders in the workplace. Managers need to be better listeners, coaches and collaborators. Great managers help colleagues learn and grow, recognize their colleagues for doing great work, and make them truly feel cared about. In environments like this, workers thrive.

For 79% of workers, this kind of work environment may seem like a pipe dream, but for 21% of workers, it's a reality. They still have days with stress, worry and pain -- but at half the rate as people who are actively disengaged at work. In fact, 95% of people who are thriving at work report being treated with respect all day and 87% report smiling and laughing a lot.

Stakeholder capitalists would love the idea of more respect and care in the workplace, but will shareholder capitalists? "How does this impact the bottom line?" they'd ask. Well, as it turns out, it pays to have thriving workers.

Executives everywhere should want the world's workers to thrive. And helping the world's workers thrive starts with listening to them. Hear what the world's workers have to say about how life at work is going in this year's State of the Global Workplace report.

"But we do have a unique challenge with respect to metaverse apps, in that there is a plausible reason to be broadcasting this data to central servers," they explained. "Fundamentally, metaverse applications work by tracking all of your body movements and streaming all of this data to a server so a representation of yourself can be rendered for other users around the world.

"Think of it like 'incognito mode for VR,'" wrote Nair and Munilla Garrido. "It works by adding noise, using a statistical technique known as differential privacy, to certain VR tracking measurements, such that they are no longer accurate enough to identify users, but without significantly impacting the user experience. Like incognito mode in browsers, it's something users could toggle on and off and adjust as they please depending on the environment and their level of trust."

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I told this team member that she could not start two hours late and that she would have to skip the ceremony. An hour later, she handed me her work ID and a list of all the times she had worked late/come in early/worked overtime for each and every one of her coworkers. Then she quit on the spot.

Yes, the cost of a college degree is far more and more important than the cost of a concert ticket! Did this manager think that because she was such a good employee he could just railroad her into working and not attending her graduation?

I agree with Terri.The cost involved for the concert tickets was far less than the cost of graduation. To say there was cost involved over a graduation is to say that her years of college, cost of books, school supplies and cap and gown were all free and had no value.What this woman had worked for over the years has more value than 1,000 concert tickets and in 10 minutes you devalued everyone college degrees.

The manager sounds like an overly entitled douchebag on a power trip. He wants to reach out and advise? Who does he think he is? If I were the worker and he was the manager and he reached out to me I would have no problem whatsoever telling him just exactly where to get off.

A lot of companies use this very dishonest tactic to push associates. I was working for a company that had the system in place but had put a freeze on all raises. However still performed a performance review using the 1-5 scale. Needless to say very few went out of their way for that 5.

I had a similar situation where I tried to leave only to be offered more. I rationalized that leaving was cathartic, however staying looked better on my resume. I stayed for just short of a year but looked for work having the new job title on my resume, thus getting a better job elsewhere.

If this employee had put in a request to be off for her graduation and was approved then she could have just reminded her boss of that then show up 2 hours later. However, if the employee did not ask to be off prior to the request to work that day, then quitting that day like she did was very unprofessional. Since she had been employed by this company for 6 years, she should have known not to take for granted she would not be required to work on a day when the office is normally closed.

To managers who do this to employees, I will share my experience with you. In my market, we were one of two leaders with a couple dozen smaller players trying to catch up. We focused on improving our work conditions (in what is really a very employee non-friendly industry). Within a few years, we had the pick of the talent pool in our market. Any time we announced an opening, we were flooded with resumes from our competitors. We improved in almost all areas, from employee productivity to work ethic to customer service. Even better, our main competitor, lost a number of their top employees to us and gained none of ours. Among our smaller competitors, their employees seemed to regard us like the UFC of our market. . .we were where they wanted to play.

My question for the manager is, Did you never consider working the two jours this employee needed to attend her graduation? Part of being a manager or in a position of leadership is leading not ruling. You lost a great employee, your best employee by not being a leader which sometimes means being a doer.

Whoever wrote this letter to you needs to read this comments section, read your article, and look deep, deep inside themselves, and remember that a job is a job, and a life is a life. 2 hours of overtime for them (the manager) to answer for was worth far, far less than a hard working woman missing her hard earned graduation. Let this be a lesson to everyone: never become a drone like this person did, to the point that they missed the significance of what was happening for that fine young woman that day.

If the person in charge was a leader, s/he would have let the girl go to graduation. S/he should have also attempted to attend the ceremony and/or have a small party for her at work after the ceremony. It would have been a minimal cost and would have meant a lot to the now former employee. I hope the manager has learned something from this experience. Human kindness goes a long way and usually the receiver will give back more to the organization. Huge FAIL on the manager. Huge win for the girl who had the guts to quit.

+1000this is seriously the most shockingly unaware OP I can remember in the history of this column. Nominee for Bad Boss of 2016. And kudos to the hard working young lady who surpassed the hardships of her background and finished college!!

Yeah, no union shop has this problem. a shop steward would have stepped up for sure, even if it were a rtw state and the steward didnt like the coworker bc they were anti-union. this doesnt happen in union shops. there are disagreements, but union shops dont lose their best workers bc of petulance.

I work in retail managing a team. I have a colleague who I can count on for just about anything. I have overtime to fill but no one to fill it? She will do it. Two employees called in sick and I have no coverage? She will stay on. She cross trained herself on every job in the department and I can put her in any gap which is an enormous help when working out a schedule.

I saw that too. Oh this person always puts the company first so no problem ignoring their needs. They would never quit so who cares how they get treated. Guess op learned it does matter to treat your employees who work hard well.

I haaaate these testing situations so much! I remember this from when I took the GRE quite a few years back. I have dysgraphia and some minor motor control and working memory issues, so I am going to need a special pencil (I need a cushion to make it a little bigger so I have more control) and probably more scratch paper than most people will since I both write bigger AND need to write more stuff down to compensate for the memory stuff. (I also probably need to wear a hat with a brim to block overhead light glare.)


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