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Descargar Anime Candy Candy (1976)

Takeo Watanabe was born on April 16th, 1933. He is the son of Urato Watanabe, a famous composer known more for his classical musics and the movies' musics. At the age of 23, after obtaining a diploma of Economy at the university of Musashino in Japan, Takeo went to Paris in order to learn music. At the end of the 6O's, he began to compose for big animation studios in Japan. He worked a lot for Toei Animation especially. He composed a lot of musics for animes like Heidi (1974), Candy Candy (1976), or Georgie (1983), but also for movies, TV movies and Japanese radio-dramas. Takeo Watanabe died at the age of 56, in June 1989, as effects of cancer. After his death, his family found cassettes to which he had put his favourite compositions and Candy Candy's ones were part of them.

Descargar Anime Candy Candy (1976)

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